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You lot don't know what you are talking about.

Changing your XP via cheats doesn't actually change your level. To start as a level 1 character for example you HAVE to hex-edit the exe and set the starting XP to 0. This way the game will detect you as a truly new character.

If you just cheat, you will still have your stats and proficiencies and special abilities. Don't you think I know about the cheats? Even if you apply a level drain spell that can be dispelled with a restoration. Editing the exe actually sets your XP BEFORE you have created your character so the basis for your character will be correct.
I wouldn't be so stupid as to mess around editing the exe if I didn't need to.

The point in this is to allow for the creation of Total Conversions using the infinity engine and to save us having to distribute the exe which is illegal.
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