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Simply use the Staff of the Magi and Cloak of Non-Detection, it'll do for ya.

And despite what some may say (and I have done extensive in-game testing to confirm this) the Cloak of Non-Detection will persevere even if there is an active True Sight going, and if you hit somebody, simply hit your quickslot key (i.e. F2, F3) to re-equip the Staff and get your invisibility back.

You can melee golems like this, as soon as you pop out of invisibility (whether or not you hit them) simply re-equip and they'll never be able to hit you. And if doing enemies like Mind Flayers, go visible long enough to draw them out one by one, and then use the "Golem Trick" to avoid any hits. Although cheesy, a Mage/Sorcerer could melee nearly the entire game with the Staff and Cloak, but would need to be careful of opponenets that can see invisible.
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