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you can easily kill the dragon with cloudkill (6) with a horrid wilting right at the end. since hes supposed to be holding the cup(which mean your justified in getting it), you could CLUAConsole the thing in - if you knew the codes, and i dont - or easier, download a program called shadowkeeper from, uh, just type shadowkeeper in yahoo, OK.

its a neat program that allows you to edit your inventory, stats, and other thing about your character. its most obvious use is in cheating, but i use it to fix bugs (like this one) or to set up specific characters that i would normally need to roll for ages for. i reckon most players must have a copy of this somewhere, it is very useful.

oh, and secret master, there is no way on this earth (or toril, or the entire Prime Material Plane for that matter), that im going to pay a patheticaly arrogant dragon like this 200000 gold, ok. its the cowards way out.

but if you want to know about it, the putting of your stuff on the ground is because his fee is everything your wearing,carrying or using. putting it on the ground means your not wearing,carrying or using it. of course you cant put down gold in this game. hence the 200000 gold i mentioned earlier.
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