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Just curious for clarity.... wasn't the formula that I suggested right? Well... except for the priest hp thing. I am just curious as to where I have gone wrong....

Example: you have a fighter/ cleric at level 5/5.
Your constitution is 17 so.... if you level up to fighter level 6 and 'role' a 10 for hp, the most hp you will get will be 6.
(10 + 3(con bonus))/2= 6.5 (rounded down)= 6

similarly if you level up to cleric level 6 and role an 8 for hp
(8 + 2 (con bonus for cleric)/2= 5 (corrected priest hp!)

By my count that would only give you at most 110 hp at 10th level.
I think I am just getting confused!!!
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