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Originally posted by Mitro Jellywadder:
First off, fighters roll a ten sided die for HP. Clerics roll an eight sided die. Barbarians, twelve sided. Thieves, six sided. Mages, four sided.

If I am a first level fighter/first level mage. I take a ten sided die plus a four sided die and divide that by two. Then add the constitution bonus. I haven't actually watched the game rolls on multi-class, but that is the way it works.

You don't get the constitution bonus twice. (Fighters types are the only ones that get any bonus above 16.) When you level up, you get the class you level up with, divided by 2. Ie..Fighter..roll a ten, you get 5. Mage roll a four, you get 2.

Thanks Mitro, my head was about to explode from the errors, as for when the constitution bonus is added, you get 1/2 each time the character gains a level, ie 17 con, fighter/cleric- when leveling from 1st to second the cleric class would lvl up first, you would get 1 hp (+3 divided by 2 rounded down) and 2 when you finally levelled up as a figher, getting the extra hp you missed out on when you levelled as a cleric.
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