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Originally posted by daeomer:
Doesn't it say in the manual that priests role 1d10 for level ups?
Was that an error?
So you only get the constitution bonus once per level? So when you progress to level 5 fighter (for example) you get the con. bonus for level 5 but when you level up the priest XP you don't get the con bonus?

It does say that, but it should be eight. When you level up a multi-class character you should be able to tell on your screen how many hit points you gain, etc. I'm not positive how they split up the constitution bonus though. I know you don't get it twice. Say you are a level 5/5 Fighter/Cleric with a 18 con. If you got it twice, that would be an additional 20hp (4hp x 5lv) + 10 hp (2hp x 5lv) for a total of an extra 30 hp.

I'll create one and see. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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