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so let me think let's have this therical class, that both rolls 1d10 for hitpoint. and both level at the same rate. and both of them max out at 9/9 (just a example)

if its an single class that rolls 1d10, if i get max roll on all rolls and you only dice roll to 9 right, then get fixed amount of hitpoint over 9?

So an single class would have 90 hiptpoint at level 9, but the fighter got 19 con, i'm not sure how to do the bonus??

19 is +2(+5) so every level below 9 i also add 5 hitpoint to the dice roll like 1d10+5?

that would be 135 hitpoint is this right?

now for the muliclass both class rolls 1d10

so for level 9/9 it would be

(10+5(con bonus)/2=7.5) (rounded down=7)
and the second class would also get 7 hitpoint max

the total would be 126 hitpoint right? at level 9

above was with ur average con of an half orc fighter [img]tongue.gif[/img] anyway let's say youre a godly fighter with 25 con.

at level 9 you would have

153 hitpoint even haveing 25 con isn't much of a boost over 19 *shungs*

however for the muli class i'm wondering.

(10+7(con bonus)/2=8.5) (rounded down=8)
and the second class would also get 8 hitpoint max

144 hitpoint

now having a VERY high con help a muli class More than a single class? that is if the muli class rolls d10 in both class
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