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Hi people, how do I calculate a multiclassed characters hitpoints?
Say I've got a multi-classed fighter/druid type. Each class has d10 hit dice and from what I understand I roll the dice, I get lucky to make this easy, 20hp combined, I divide it with the number of classes I've got, that's 2 = 10hp

Now say I'm at level 5 with druid and 4 with the fighter.
I get lucky everytime I roll, i.e. 10hp on each level up which means I divide with 2 = 5 hp.

On that level it's 5*5*5*5*5 = 25hp (druid) and 5*5*5*5 = 20hp (fighter) = 45hp total. Now tell me if I calculated this right ot wrong?

If I'm right then explain this, what if there's a hit point bonus because of the constitution, say I got 17 CON, which means +2(+3)
What gives here? How do I add that bonus to my hit points? Which bonus applies, the +2 or the +3?

Must I divide it?
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