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Originally posted by Cerek the Barbaric:

Make him a human ranger. Play him up to 13th level (which allows max THACO for fighters if I remember right, but you might want to check that).

Then dual him over to a mage. Just make sure you have a good Dex(for AC), Con(for HP), and Int(for mage).

This will also let you level-up faster.

I've created a Ranger in BG1 with awesome starting stats. I plan to play him through BG1 and boost his stats using the various Tomes and Manuals, then bring him into BGII and eventually dual him to a mage.

Wont happen. The manual says something to the effect of : " a dual class combination must also be a legal multiclass combination"
So u cant have a ranger mage without editing the game itself to allow that... AND THAT WOULD NOT BE EASY
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