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Originally posted by Aurican:
Any combination that is not possible in the game is not possible with even the much lauded Shadowkeeper.

When would you have time to study magics if you are out traipsing about in the forest all of the time. Also, when would you ever learn about nature and martial skills if you are inside stooped over a candle trying to memorize that last spell. At most a Ranger/Mage would be more ranger than mage and then would only know very simple cantrips, nothing spectacular due to time and environmental restraints.

Please read my post before commenting. In all the D&D lore, Elves are said to be the "First People" in most campaign settings, having a 1000 year lifespan, being born of magic, and having a natural connection to magic and its connection to the world around them. Seeing as how the average adventuring elf begins his or her career around the age of 70 is it (?) I fail to see how one could not have had enough time to study both the natural skills of the woodsman (they live in trees and talk to animals...) as well as apprentice magery (the odd cantrip or two). An elf reaches physical maturity I believe around the age of 30-40, so that's at least 30 years of communig with nature every day and living in an area permeated by magical energy. If an 18 year old human from a mining town can be a wizard, what stops EVERY elf from also being one???

I'm not flaming, but too many people seem to take rules and explanations at face value that don't mesh with fiction, and are there only for "balance." Take Legolas of Tolkien fame. Never was there a finer archer. And he wasn't even 1/5 of his lifespan's age, yet for a human archer to reach the same pinnacle would take intensive study for most of his life forsaking all else, whereas Legolas was a cultured being.
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