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I come to these boards all the time, yet never felt the need to log in and post a reply. I've been coming here for months, read what people say, yet keep my 2 coppers to myself. Well thats it. I have to throw them in now.

This game most definately is a classic. Think about how much work they put into the storyline. I bet half of you don't even realize that Aerie's name Aerie itself is an insulted name she was given from the circus. Aerie would mean the same thing to an Avariel as being called "Chinese" would to someone from China, of "American" to someone from USA. Its not her name, rather what she is and the story writers worked it in as a small hidden thing that few people notice. I think is true that unless you really know much of AD&D and have been playing it since it was just D&D then in all likelyhood you would never catch on things like that. Maybe I'm going overboard on the topic of Aerie but she even talks about how Avariel have glass weapons, a think hardly anyone knows. They live high in mountains but are insanely claustrophobic, hence why Aerie complains very much about being underground. This is just one character. I won't even touch on the topic of Minsc. I could go on for hours about how well they made each and every character. They didn't make a game, they DM'ed this game. They wrote a story complete from level 1 to level 40 if you get the original all the way through to the thone of baal. I myself find he story the kind of thing I would watch if it were a TV show. It is one of the most enjoyable things you can play. As far as Diablo being considered 'more' fun by some people I think they have no concept of a good story if it hit them in the face. BG is a very well rounded story, and unlike some DM's the makers did an amazing job designing it. You can take a completely evil path, go crazy and slay as many people as you want, get a horrible reputation but you know what.... you can still play the game. The game is designed so even if you take the evil path in life you can sit on the throne of baal just the same. Alot of Dm's of AD&D I have had the pleasure of sitting with never give you the kind of options this game has. Every character has their own special set of quests. Sure the monk and barbarian share the fighter's strong hold but do you expect them to make a completely different story line for a character that many consider a subclass or kit? This game most definately needs to be a classic. I think they should make a box set called Classic BG and throw in BG1, Tales of Sword Coast, BG2, and Throne of Baal. Throw them all in there and I'd probably buy it for all my annoying friends that keep asking to borrow my copy of BG. This game has more then earned itself a spot in Classic Game Hall of Fame. Maybe its because I am a book writer and I take must love in reading a good story, but I'm sure many of you out there will agree that all in all this game IS a good story. ~coughs something about the complete lack of replability that Diablo 2 has cause its always exactly the same~ I think I'll leave you with a simple thought of how many different options you have playing the game, and that I have yet to meet someone that tried them all.

(possible spoiler, but I seriously doubt anyone even thought of trying it, if they did 2 thumbs up to you)

If you think you tried them all then I ask you this, have you become a Fallen Paladin in BG1, then do the Paladin quest in BG2 in order to regain your status? The same works for a Fallen Ranger, save the little village and you can be regiven your title as Ranger, or so I heard, but that does not give you the stronghold. Although you become a Paladin instead of a Fallen Paladin, you do not get to become part of the Order, just as the Ranger is not trusted enough to guard the village, even though he proved himself to be a Ranger and no longer Fallen. There are many many hidden fun things in this game. Also did anyone try to play NC alignment. Its good to be 'insane.' I think I've writen way to much on the topic and I apologize, but I am a writer after all.
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