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Originally posted by Garnet FalconDance:
Was just in Skullport. Map seemed to load properly, same amount of lag as usual . But when I was finished with the merchant (Marta) and tried to go on to lvl 4, all exits to Skullport were gone, black corridors of nothingness. Couldn't even get to the hall that leads to Ben; it wasn't there. I also noticed the Hammerfell merchant disappeared.
Similar thing happened to me on Level Two. It just seemed that the server quit on us both while we were still moving. Sort of like a sluggish death. As I was going through Level Two through the southeast corner entrance, I faced off against a few Gelatinous Cubes (to be expected where I arrived). Where the corridor leads down to the six kobolds (southeast corner of the Level Two map), nothing showed up. I had to use my arrow keys to keep moving, although the entire area I was in was blacked out as if I had not crossed through there. The server eventually timed out completely and kicked me off. Weirdest error I have experienced to date, bar none.
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