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Character 1
Character name: Vaeleth
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Evil
1) Rogue
2) Assassin
3) Weapon Master
(and no I did not know that our musical friend Robert the Bard had made the same build...)
Comments on character background:
It would be very comforting if Vealeth would be insane. The gruelling reality is that he performs his actions in complete sanity. It makes you wonder about the nature of the human race... Vaeleth is a human of unknown birth. He was raised by a group of monks, called the Dark Brethren. They do not worship a god, they worship the act of destruction. They believe that before creation, there was a state of divine perfection. All was in perfect balance and harmony. Then, for some reason, the divinity divided itself and thus created the all that is. Therfore they see an act of creation as steeling from the divine and an act of destruction as true creation, Giving to God. Like a child wanting to return to the womb, the Monks of the Dark Brethren long to destroy everything, thus returning to pre-creationlike perfection. They believe one day a Great Destroyer shall come, a mortal wielding divine and devastating powers. And on that day of Holy Destruction all shall be made undone and all shall be well. Vealeth fiercely believes in this dogma, and therefore he has no remorse over killing anyone. He is the brotherhoods number one assassin. For as they believe the Destroyer will come as prophecised, they also percieve it as their duty to prepare the world for His coming. The leader of the dark monks is a Drow and he has psychic powers. He decides who can be killed without indangering the prophecy and who should be killed to ensure it to come true. What Vaeleth's mission in Undermountain is is unsure, but anyone travelling with him can be quite sure that their deaths have not yet been cleared by Vealeth's leader. Otherwise they would have found that Vaeleth had cut theit throats in their sleep, uttering the words "Don't struggle my friend, this is for the best..."

Character 2
Character name: Eldar Dragonblood
Race: elf
Alignment: True Nuetral
Intended classes:
1) Bard
2) Red Dragon Disciple
3) Weapon Master
Comments on character background:
Eldar Dragonblood is an elf from a far away city above the clouds in the Dragonbone Mountains. Exactly how is unsure, but it is plain to see that he is of partly draconic birth. His mother died in labour, due to his uncommon features, and his strange looks made him an outcast in elven society. One day he lost his temper and killed another elf, which resulted in banishment. His long yourney has led him through many strange places, but being out in the wild for so long has left him a bit alienated from the civilised world. The only way communication he is truely comfortable with, is his song. But he still thinks it sounded a lot better with the acoustics of the Hall of Ice under the Northern Glaciers of Thor..

Character 3
Character name: James Goldblood
Race: human
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Intended classes:
1) Ranger
2) Fighter
3) Weapon Master
Comments on character background:
James Goldblood was born in a noble family, but he left the safety of his parental home to wander through te bellows of Undermountain. He is an arrogant pompous prick that everybody hates within two minutes. Yes he will watch your back, yes he will save your life, yes he will help you in any way he can, but he will then brag about it so much that you would have preferred to die in the claws of that Manticore. He has his good side though, he'll crack out a joke even in the most unpromising siuations and he has a good heart and a lightspirited mind. There is only one thing he really hates: undead. He loathes them and will always do whatever he can to eradicate them. Why didn't he become a priest or paladin then, you might wonder. Well he tried that once, but he was kicked out within the hour due to serious blashemy. Another hour and the zeallous priests would have lynched them, even though they believe in peace and harmony. And if you travel with him long enough you will understand why. If I hear him say "Yay for ME" one more time, I swear I will get that Greatsword from level 12 and skew him myself! (And I created him... Go figure.)

Character 4
Character name: Record Rico
Race: Dwarf
Alignment: chaotic good
Intended classes:
1) Fighter
2) Dwarven Defender
3) Champion of Torm
Comments on character background:
Rico is not a standard name for a Dwarf, but then again Record Rico (full name Rico Stronginthearm Foundersson) is not a normal Dwarf. Because of his name Rico has been never truly been accepted in Dwarf society. He decided to leave the mountain caves and build a reputation as an adventurer. How he actually got is first name he does not want to tell you, how he got his nickname he is more then willing to tell, so grab a beer and a stool and settle in. No I will spair you the long version... To cut a long story short: a mage hired him to dispatch of a group of annoying orcs. Rico set up an ambush in a small passage between to cliffs they had to cross. The mage had given him some top notch equipment for the job. Imagine a fully geared up Dwarven Wall and a horde of orcs trying to get across. The orcs in the back couldn't see what was happening and they were hungry so they struggled to be the first to dig in on the fresh meat. When they reassessed the situation it was too late. And running away just made the difference between greataxe in the face or throwing axe in the back.. In the end all the orcs were dead and Rico was the new record-holder of the world record orc slaying (in one day and on your one) with an impressing body count of 746 (and a half. One got away heavily wounded, he died the next day). Upon Rico's return to the wizard's tower, the backstabbing wizard refused to pay him, but he made the fatal error telling him that while Rico was still wearing all his armour and still carrying his weapons. Record Rico left the wizard tower in ruin with some nice armour, some nice axes and a very nice shield. But Rico is mostly just a nice guy, so long as you don't doublecross him or get between him and his beer...

Character 5
Character name: The Grim Reaper
Race: human
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Intended classes:
1) Fighter
2) Weapon Master
Comments on character background:
The person calling himself the Grim Reaper is a complete nutjob. You've seen them before: people thinking they could fly, people thinking they were a god or something, but someone thinking he is Death himself (you know, the skinny guy, often featured on tarot cards wearing a robe and carrying a scythe, speaks in CAPITAL LETTERS, WHICH FORM IN YOUR MIND AS IF THEY ARE CHISELED IN A TOMBSTONE... Yep that guy). Whether he is really Death or not is impossible to say, but either way the result is just as deadly.
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