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Character name: T'Lara Nerel'fer
Alignment: Neutral Good (& highly upset)
Race: Half-elf
1) Druid
2) Ranger

Comments on character background:

T'Lara was once resident druidess near the fabled Waterdale City in the land of IronWorks. A mage by the self-styled moniker of Sprint cast a foul spell upon her, sending her into a blackened pit far into the depths of the Unknown Forest. After near-endless wandering, she stumbled into Waterdeep with an unquenchable thirst for vengeance on the mage and his minions.......

Character name: Berry Fein
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Race: Halfling
1) Rogue

Comments on character background:

Proof that good things *do* come in small packages, Berry has been ridiculed from day one because she does not fall into any pre-judged mold. Small in stature, womanly in shape, and warm-hearted, she tries to do what is right......all within a rogue's code of honor. New to the rogue's life, she has already begun making a name for herself by gathering information where others have failed, by eliminating threats that completely annihilated others, and by persevering regardless of nearly insurmountable odds.

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