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Character 1
Character name: Marathon
Alignment: TN
Intended classes: Monk (40)
Comments on character background: Born an exceptionally ugly elf, he quickly tired of the elven society and retired to the solitude of a monk's life. He found a sometime friend in Bumbis the Gold Dragon and visits his realm frequently. Seeking to keep the balance in all things, he no longer concerns himself with minor evil, content to run the lowest levels of the undermountain and destroy only that which can keep up with him.

Character name: Enoch the Cimmerian
Alignment: CN
Intended Classes: Barbarian (32), Fighter (8)

A devastatingly frightening fighter full of rage, Enoch hails from the land that spawned the most famous barbarian of them all, Conan. Eager to live up to the legend, he has learned to hone his rage and scatter opponents through fear alone. If that is not enough, his taunting smirks and bloody warhammer combine to finish the job.

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