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Name: Anah Brensbannen IW
Weapon Master/20
Chaotic Good, with Lawful tendencies

She is the self appointed tour guide, and body guard of players in need. She has slain the Red on lvl 9, taking no loot, simply because Ol' Red was between her, and the player that needed rescued, and led out of Undermountain. Now that her fighting skills have been finely tuned, she desires to test her skills against other, hopefully less helpless people in the area, all in the name of sport.

Name: Davis Lantian IW
Weapon Master/10
Chaotic Good, with neutral tendencies

Seeking to prove himself to his family, this Waterdeep native has run the gambit of Undermountain, from Murial's Gauntlet, to the Trollbark Dungeon. He has become quite powerful, and pretty influential. His family still thinks he's a loser...Guess you just can't win sometimes...

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