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Character name: Ervs’n
Race: Elf
1) Sorcerer-15
2) ?
3) ?


Fate is a funny thing. The day the dulcimer fell out the sky was the day Ervs’n had chosen to seek his fortune. And such fortune was to be found! The first sight that graced his eyes, as he lay on the ground, was a female of astounding beauty. Though she lacked courtly aires and proved as elusive as a wood nymph, Ragha was a true ‘diamond in the rough’.

Since that fateful day many years ago, Ervs’n had been stripped of his ancestral name and given up for worse than dead by his uncomprehending people, though it meant nothing to him. What price is not worth paying for true love? He passed his weeks in courtship and in adventure, seeking to prove his worth. Two autumns past, however, an evil wizard laid a geas on the destined lovers, forcing them apart…though still within shouting distance.

With fewer means to court his beloved, Ervs’n resorted to the most romantic gesture he could conceive of—composing ballads on and serenading Ragha with the very dulcimer which had brought them together. Thought it was quite heavy to drag around and played with a certain ideosyncratic ‘twang’, he knew no geas could withstand the power of such a symbolic act. Or a long series of such symbolic acts.

It worked, but fate again surprised him. One evening he discovered a note wrapped around one of his hammers. It said, “The magic you seek lies in Undermountain. At the bottom.”

Adventure called again, with another chance to prove his love. He felt the magic of his ancestors stir within his blood and set out on the next boat for Waterdeep.

Character name: Ragha, Clan Delve
Race: Dwarf
1) Fighter-7
2) ?
3) ?


What deity she had slighted, Ragha was never sure. A merciful god would have afflicted her with Bloodlung or Pustulent Gob or tugged her beard out. But mercy had no part in this.

Instead, because of a fool mage’s apprentice randily attempting to conjure flowers in a wild magic area, she’d spent the last 20 odd years followed by a deranged Pointy-Ear with an unpronouncable name.

She’d spent barely a moment since that day among her people. Another dwarf could but see her and break into giggles. Giggles! There were even jokes, “How many Raghas does it take to lure the fey-folk?” (Answer: Just one, but the more dulcimers the better.)

Out of desperation she sent the fool on errands, hoping he’d get lost or hit on the head again. Each time he returned with gifts of gold and even mythril! Finally, out of desperation she paid a sympathetic wizard to lay a geas on them. He called it “Mordekain’s Restraining Order.”

It worked…almost. For the first time in many years Ragha spent evenings in the local tavern, telling war stories. It was almost perfect—but each evening would come the discordant ‘splink-sprang’ as Ervs’n warbled his way through “Ode to a Bearded Goddess” or “How do I Love her Ear Hair, Let me Count the Ways”.

In a last, desperate act Ragha left him an anonymous note. In the days after Ervs’n had gone, though, she felt his absence keenly and her conscious even moreso—she had sent him to die and, though deranged he be, he didn’t deserve Undermountain. For a Pointy-Ear, he wasn’t THAT bad; with some whiskers and a good belch he might even be…no, probably not even then. In any case, she had to make sure he didn’t get killed.
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