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vesselle, like our lovely LadyZ, I'm not much of a tech, so tweaking is something I would need help with.
But coming at this from a different perspective, there were some of us who couldn't play NWN2 at all because we have built in Intel laptop chipsets that NWN2 doesn't recognize as valid. SilverWing a dedicated member at the bioware forums has been working hard to find solutions for us. He found a work-around to get us in, but results in game were varied.
I reinstalled NWN2, updated, activated my work-around and so far, everything is running perfectly. Auto config even set me at max effects on nearly all options. So in my case as far as even being able to play, I would say the new patch is success.
Of course since I'm a newb at the game, I will no doubt start to grumble about things as I progress [img]smile.gif[/img]
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