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It is better with the latest patch for me on my end. Played a little bit tonight. [img]smile.gif[/img] It is faster and the camera movement also got waaay faster, I actually had to turn it down a bit on the edge of screen camera spin option LOL.

Oh and Yay! at not having to type in a save game title when replacing an already saved game. I thought it odd that you had to re-type your save game title to replace it rather than just click on a button that said Yes to override saved game.

It's been a week since I last played, and tonight it took me some time getting re-combobulated to where I was in the game and what I had to do next. I'm going to assume Johnny is correct when he said that money is no big deal at some point, easily, in the game, as many games are. Right now though it is I'm Broke City for me LOL. Why am I broke? Well, I didn't know that NPCs could pop back up after a fight, so I've spent a LOT of my money so far in my game on potions and healing kits (healing kits?! grrr). So my character and my party definitely do not have the greatest weapons and armor due to all the potion buying. Of course now I won't be buying potions to save NPcs now that I know the deal with the NPC regeneration deal, sheesh, I should have know, as NWNs1 did the same, they just got tossed to a building you had to traipse back to in order to get them back.

Anyway, I'm way behind what other people are probably at, who have actual money to buy armor and weapons and stuff LOL, who did not spend all on potions and healing kits like an idiot LOL. Ah well, I'm still in Chapter 1 so I hope whatever I do in Chapter 1 won't make any crucial differences in my overall game...? I'd hate to think anything in the first chapter would have a major effect on being able to win or not win the game in the end.

Either way, good patch! And I'm drunk, and going to bed now... [img]tongue.gif[/img]

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