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Well I got some improvement, however, since I wasn't to much of a fan of the full effects my computer spat out at default when I first tried the game last Sunday (yepp, been sitting on this one until the good news started to arrive ) I found it to be a grotesque candycane green illumination that felt like a bad hangover I had during my armydays. After turning off the in my opinion too many lightsources and over the top bloom effects and adjusting the normal interface I had good framerates and playable game no problem. With this patch I could increase some of the goodies and still have a smooth camera and running handliing.

I see that they haven't fixed the extremly annoying jumping shadows yet :S. This is however quickly fixed with turning shadows to drop shadows on characters and massive increase in performance so I don't whine that much.

Much needed and appreciated two weapon fighting in quick bar! WHY o WHY not from start?

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