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First attempt to patch never connected. Second attempt worked like a charm thru warcry. I was patching from 1.00 to 1.03 and the 115 MB download worked like a dream. Actually didn't take very long at all.

Post patch report: Game is MUST faster and smoother. It was running just fine for me before but even I can tell the difference the patch makes. I've actually turned UP all the settings to slow it down a bit! lol I'm now running on max settings except for the res which I am leaving at 1024 (personal preference). Getting fps in the high 30's consistently even in combat.

Still a bunch of minor stuff that needs to be corrected. Molds for armor either aren't showing the right number of items (plate says it takes 3 iron ingots to fabricate) or they have changed the requirements. Items containing essences aren't showing the craft skill required to distill the essence.

On the plus side, magical bags now hold 142 items instead of 24! THAT makes things a LOT better. Now all you need is ONE true bag of holding and you are set for the game! Okay, maybe two IF you want to lug all of your crafting stuff around in one bag. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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