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What's love but a second hand emotion?

Or something like that.

You been thirsty for a new Neverending Nights episode! Well guess what! The time has come at last! Free at last, free at last, free... at last.

That's right. We got a new episode for you to download!

But wait - you have gone into the video section and don't see an Episode 7! What the heck is going on?

Keep scrolling down. Ah ha! There in the extras! A new SideQuest - made just for this wonderful day they call... Valentine's Day!

So go on - satisfy your hunger for now! And if you're curious about Episode 7 - it should be ready this coming weekend! (I hope!) But in the meantime, check out the V-Day episode, and head into our forum and comment over here.

And if you're wondering if that was our big surprise.

Guess what?

The answer is still no.

But keep checking back here!

I think you will be just as surprised as we were...
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