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Hey! Awesome! Glad you liked it! If you're talking about the video being dodgy... Aye... the first... I'd say three episodes, it's iffy. (We were tinkering around with different settings - for example, Episode 2 is cropped on the top and the bottom, an effect we were toying with - to give it the "Wide Screen" effect).

Episode Four, we found the settings that we really liked. So Episode 4 and onward, the video is very crips and clean!

So let me know when you get to those episodes, what you think! [img]smile.gif[/img] Episode 5 is the latest one available! Here in a few days, I am going to release the episode we did for PC GAMER UK (the magazine hit the stands last Saturday in the UK). And then probably a week after that, Episode 6 will become available for download.

We finished recording the audio for Episode 7, and have Episode 8 already written down. So we need to film 7, and do the audio for 8, and I am already hard at work on writing Episode 9! You will be happy to hear that Episode 5 introduces a new person (they don't remain with us, but it's a new person no less!), Episode 6 introduces a new person (again, they don't travel with us, but new, no less!), Episode 8 and Episode 9 will also feature new people, and Episode 10 features Pawl the Dorf, who will travel with us, through Episode 12, I believe it is.

We have it all the way planned out to the end of Season 1 (which is Episode 21). But the entire thing will focus on our two heroes, Peter and Grayson! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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