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Stackmanís Adventures

(The unofficial forum walkthrough)

I believe this index does great justice to the Stackman Saga by finally granting it the ability to be used as a walkthrough, for which it was also meant in the first place. I want to thank the whole forum in general for their superior knowledge without which this would never have been a waltkthrough, and, of course for their kind replies to my story. [img]smile.gif[/img] Often important clarifications were made in the threads of the single chapters. I want to thank Bungleau in particular for the excellent manner in which he saw to it that our two stories became intertwined. [img]smile.gif[/img]

The index contains following:

1) A link to all the chapters in the saga and a few related threads.
2) Dungeons Ė which chapters contain information on which dungeons?
3) Guild quests Ė which chapters contain information on how to complete them?
4) Characters Ė in which chapters do the various NPCs and monsters appear?


Prologue: The Myths of the Gael Serran
Chapter One: A Good Start
Chapter Two: The Glimpse of a Higher Purpose
Chapter Three: An Amphibian Feast
Chapter Four: Descending Into the Premises of the Dead
Chapter Five: Mean Means of Treatment
Chapter Six: The Mastermind Behind
Chapter Seven: Another Day, Another Gold Piece
Chapter Eight: The Smell of Burning Flesh in the Morning
Chapter Nine: Fond Farewells
Chapter Ten: Buffet at the Salad Bar
Chapter Eleven: Anyone Home?
Chapter Twelve: And He Moaned QUITE a Bit
Chapter Thirteen: Tunneling the Rock
Chapter Fourteen: A Dilemma
Chapter Fifteen: From One Underground Maze to Another
Chapter Sixteen: Pastime in a Dungeon
Chapter Seventeen: The Exploration of the Shire
Chapter Eighteen: Backstroking
Chapter Nineteen: Nearing the Top
Chapter Twenty: Nightmare in Store
Chapter Twenty-one: By the Seaside
Chapter Twenty-two: The Sea
Chapter Twenty-three: Inside the Skull
Chapter Twenty-four: Twists and Turns
Chapter Twenty-five: Of Stacks and Men
Chapter Twenty-six: The Enchanted Isle
Chapter Twenty-seven: And So unto the Shrine in the Sand
Chapter Twenty-eight: So Much for Ancient Lore
Chapter Twenty-nine: An Unexpected Encounter
Chapter Thirty: Riots, Rapscallions and Rabble-Rousers
Chapter Thirty-one: The Lost Sea
Chapter Thirty-two: A Watery Experience
Chapter Thirty-three: Shooting Crabs
Chapter Thirty-four: Ascent
Chapter Thirty-five: The Ultimate Stack
Chapter Thirty-six: The Liberation of the Stack
Chapter Thirty-seven: Fire in the Hole
Chapter Thirty-eight: Stackman Goes Stackward
Chapter Thirty-nine: Burning Hearts
Chapter Forty: Delicious Flesh on a Spike
Chapter Forty-one: A Treat for the Spectators
Chapter Forty-two: Qui est-ce, cet homme Cet?
Chapter Forty-three: Between Colleagues
Chapter Forty-four: The Final Perils (Or What?)
Chapter Forty-five: Prophecy Fulfilled
Epilogue: Homecoming

After the events in chapter 45 but before the epilogue events occur in the bar called The Boar's Head:

Boarís Head 1
Boarís Head 2

Part of the party's background is known from an ascension tale:

A Heartís Tale


The Crypt: 4, 5, 6
The Serpent Temple: 7, 8, 9
Shurugeon Castle: 11, 12, 13
The Stout Mines: 13, 14, 15
The Boogre Caves: 15, 16, 17
The Dragon Spire: 18, 19, 20
Skull Castle: 23, 24, 25
Anephasís Shrine: 27, 28, 29
Collasium: 32, 33, 34
The Pyramid of Cet: 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45

List of the chapters in which a quest is "completed" - not in which it is undertaken or in which the party is commended for having completed it.

Valeia governor:
Skeleton bounty quest: 4
Lord Barrenhawk parcel quest: 7
Kill Juba Thobers quest: 9
Valeia temple:
Mekdawa potion quest: 2
Pay 500 gold quest: 4
Retrieve Ring of Saints quest: 4
Valeia armoury:
Kill Mon the Sculz quest: 1
Investigate Toad Village quest: 3
Retrieve Sword of Mastus quest: 6
Valeia magic shop:
Find Scabban quest: 6
Kill Tevik Teporn quest: 7
Retrieve Orb of Clarity quest: 9
Ishad Níha governor:
Stop Bronze Firebeast quest: 18
Kill Werewolf quest: 13
Kill Brahmar quest: 20
Ishad Níha temple:
Kill Naga quest: 9
Find news of Galian quest: 11
Jathil delivery quest: 17
Ishad Níha armoury:
Kill Gliebott quest: 11
Stout invitation quest: 13
Kill Doshi Gin quest: 17
Ishad Níha magic shop:
Retrieve Ardibrenís relic quest: 12
Find Idol of Aku quest: 17
Retrieve Colanthís Eye quest: 19
Ishad Níha pawn shop:
Retrieve 10 gold serpins quest: 7
Retrieve Ardibrenís book quest: 12
Find Band of Boars quest: 17
Ishad Níha bushi dojo:
Deliver dragon arrow quest: 10
Find news of Grunaxe quest: 16
Kill Shrew Chishi quest: 17
Brimloch Roon governor:
Kill Gineleng quest: 26
Kill hydra quest: 35
Brimloch Roon temple:
Find Fountain of Isis quest: 26
Retrieve relic of Isis quest: 27
Retrieve Monkís Ward quest: 35
Brimloch Roon armoury:
Retrieve Strumboldís Helmet quest: 22
Retrieve Goshinís shield quest: 24
Kill Ramakamil of Wyr quest: 26
Brimloch Roon magic shop:
Kill Mada Mabbig quest: 25
Retrieve seed of the living tree quest: 26
Destroy aegis quest: 27
Brinloch Roon pawn shop:
Deliver Talrikís hook quest: 22
Find news of leprechaun quest: 29
Retrieve Talonís Fang quest: 33
Brimloch Roon bushi dojo:
Kill the Darkened One quest: 28
Kill Bloodbeard quest: 31
Retrieve No-Dachi of the Stone quest: 31
Brimloch Roon shipyard:
Retrieve conch shells quest: 22

Characters encountered:
In alphabetical order. Only friendly NPCs with which one can have a conversation and monsters who either need to be killed in order to complete a quest or who guard a quest item are listed along with the chapter(s) in which they appear.

Adrianna: 24, 25
Ala-Shakahn: 32
Altar of Serran (Wilderness of Valeia): 9
Altar of Serran (Wilderness of Brimloch Roon): 31
Anephas: 28, 29, 44, 45
Ardibren: 12
Argothius: 22
Bilbump: 1
Blubarb: 16
Boogre Guard, the: 15
Bloodbeard: 31
Brahmar: 20
Cet Ude Díua Khan: 25, 42, 43, 44
Colanth: 19
Darkened One, the: 28
Djinni of the Lamp, the: 17
Doshi Gin: 17
DíSoto: 11, 12, 13
Ekbu: 3, 4
Elyssia: 9
Erathsmedor: 20, epilogue
Erzebette: 10
FíLokis Ra 4
Freyedies: 13, 15, epilogue
Gareth: prologue
GíEzzered Ra: 24, 25, 37, 39
Gineleng: 26
Gliebott: 11
Gorthius: 1
Goshin: 24
Grue Morde (the Traveler): 1, (20)
Grunaxe: 16
Grundel: 13
Haleabus: 13
Harespia: 9, epilogue
Hephaestus: 18
HíThark: 8
Inquisitor, the: 8
Jathil: 17
Kerah: 29, 41, 42, 44, 45
Kerielle: 2, 6, epilogue
Kol: 7, 18, 20
Kreug: 7
Kreugís Familiar: 8
Leprechaun, the: 26
Lysandra of Yur: 12, 13
Mada Mabbig: 25
Malgrim: 16
Mekdawa: 2
Missy Hissy: 29, 38, 39, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45
Mon the Sculz: 1
Mother of Crabs, the: 33
Mystical Sphynx, the: 27
Nivius: 6
Oakenmir: 26, epilogue
Oracles of Ishad Níha, the: 7
Pastollio, Signeur: 13, 15
PrisíKielía: 15, 16
Raskalion: 14
Rethpian: 4, epilogue
Rumphy: 5, epilogue
Sarellia: 32
Scabban: 6
Scanthril: 10, 15
Serpent Master, the: 9
Shinwiki: 3, 4
Shrew Chishi: 17
Signeur Pastollio: 13, 15
SíKeser Da: 15, 16
Sphynx, Mystical: 27
Statue of Kerah (The Crypt): 4
Statue of Kerah (Serpent Temple): 8
Stuck Toad, the [img]graemlins/hehe.gif[/img] : 3
Talrik: 22
Tevik Teporn: 7
Tia: epilogue
Torin: 10
Traveler, the (Grue Morde): 1, (20)
Urgussa: 34
Urthdala: 19
Vargul: 16
Vermoura: 34
Wolf Beast, the: 13
Xydusa: 7, 9

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