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Wow! A couple of folks snuck in here when I wasn't looking! Sorry for the delayed responses here... in any case...

FlameousFire, have you done all the fixes listed for XP in the beginning of this thread? Whether they seem important or not, they should be done. Specifically, I'd look at anything else running while you're running W&W, and also consider applying the patch if you haven't already. Sometimes it just fixes things...

And Shanomo, I'm not familiar with Bug Fixer 5.1. I hadn't heard of any utilities for fixing the bugs in W&W. You will need to use virtualdub... let me see... ah, yes... from the other page...

  • First, copy each townmskn.avi file to townmskn_orig.avi in the W&W\townavi folder. This takes about 4.5 MB of space, and will let you put the original versions back if you need them.
  • Next, delete the original townmskn.avi files.
  • Third, use virtualdub to open one of the townmskn.avi files... say townmsk1_orig.avi.
  • Save townmsk1_orig.avi in Vdub with the "Save old-format AVI" option with a new file name (townmsk1_new.avi).
  • You should see some strange graphics appear; you will get back a large 32MB file.
  • Repeat the previous steps for townmsk2.avi and townmsk3.avi
  • Exit Virtualdub.
  • In Windows Explorer copy each new file from townmskn_new.avi to townmskn.avi.
  • Try to play the game at this point; if it works, stop here.
  • If it doesn't, repeat the process with the three townhubn.avi files.
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