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The Problem: the hotspots for critters and items are incredibly small!

Greetings to everyone - my first post on this board, I hope some-one out there can help me [img]smile.gif[/img] I do kinda like this game and would like to be able to complete it without having to shelve it until I can buy a desktop PC.

As to what I'm running:[list][*]Windows XP home, service pack 2, version 2002[*]The video card is a Mobility Radeon 9700 (64 meg)[*]directX 9[*]256meg ddr ram[*]the problem is that the hotspots are very very small, and in the case of Niveus's ring - impossible to find. Up until now I've just percerveard (and thanked the stars for turn base actions). Now however, the ring is rather important and I can't pick the thing up!

I tried to update the drivers, except windows says the drivers are already up to date. And I doubt it's a directX problem...

Any other suggestions?

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