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Welcome to the boards, Grant! May life in the Gael Serran bring you riches and rewards... in that order [img]smile.gif[/img]

I've run into problems with riding the trolley as well. Generally, I found that if I stayed still while on the trolley (and didn't try to look around), things went smoothly. If I tried to look around, I ran into problems like yours... one time, I got stuck in the floor.

Unfortunately, other than trying to reload, I don't know if you're going to have any luck. One common trick is to cast a portal near the switching station where you board the trollies, and then teleport back to it. Fat lot of good that info does for you now, though... you may have to go back to a saved game.

Also, as I think of it... did you check the gates for levers? You can manually open the gates from the other side (mostly, IIRC), and if you can get back to the switching station, the trolley will come back when you pull the lever again.

And one final thing... make sure you ride the trolley, and don't just climb on it. Click on it like you do the raft and horse, and things run much more smoothly. Don't want to say how I learned that one....
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