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I'm not certain that you will be able to increase the resolution. But let's check some things first before we rule it out.

Do you have Direct X 8.0? Direct X 8.0 and certain mixes of OS, video cards, and video card drivers are not compatible with W&W. It is my understanding that some of the TNT2 drivers were the main culprit here. So it is quite possible that your Geforce3 (which is a card built on TNT technology) may still have the same problem.

1) Lets do the easier tip first:
a) update your video card drivers (you said you have done this). and
b) go to Display proprerties and reduce your hardware acceleration by 1 notch. If your video card has an advanced settings window, then you need to reduce it by one notch in there too.

2) if tip 1) does not solve your problem, then go back and undo the hardware acceleration adjustment(s). Then I recommend getting the Direct X buster program and bust your Direct X down to 7.0. 7.0 is compatible with W&W and the downgrade should not affect normal computer performance. Altho if you have some new high end games, you may want to upgrade back to 8.0 before you play them.

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