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I have edited my 5.1 to direct the user to the 1.8 link where the help file is actually found. I think this is the best solution to this minor confusion.


1) If we have multiple links which go to 1 help file, then include something like '(redirecting to 1.8)' in the link text.

2) For one of the extra help files, which have been redirected elsewhere in the link section, then include the text '(see 1.8)' in the text of the help file.

Does this seem to be the most logical solution to you folks?

My solution will make the index and the help files lists complete. So in each help file there would be a listing which states (with no links) where the reader should be redirected.

The first case of this is 1.2. 1.2 is currently missing in the help files. It should be listed in the help files as '1.2) Game crashes then receives the memory error message. (see 6.2)'. NOTE: no hyperlinks, just text for the help files. I think the help files section should remain hyperlink-free, except for links to websites like video card drivers, etc.

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