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6) Windows Issues

6.1) Canīt enter buildings in town or exit through the gates
Problem: Your town*.avi files are compressed and wonīt work in Windows 2000/XP

Download Virtualdub. First, copy each townmskn.avi file to townmskn_orig.avi in the W&W\townavi folder. This takes about 4.5 MB of space, and will let you put the original versions back if you need them. Next, delete the original townmskn.avi files. Third, use virtualdub to open each of the townmskn.avi files. Save each file in Vdub with the "Save old-format AVI" option with a new file name (townmskn_new.avi ). You should see some strange graphics appear; you will get back a large 32MB file. Fourth, exit Virtualdub and then in Windows Explorer copy each new file from townmskn_new.avi to townmskn.avi. Try to play the game at this point; if it works, stop here. If it doesn't, repeat the process with the three townhubn.avi files. Note that this will require an extra 90Mb of diskspace for each set of three files.

Solution provided by: Ryanamur, Sazerac and Xignal

6.2-6.5) Game crashes then receiving a memory error message, game crashes when talking, using/giving, casting spells, disarming.
Problem: Wizards & Warriors is not compatible with Windows 2000/XP
Solution: Go to your shortcut in Windows, either on desktop or in start menu. Right click the shortcut and choose properties. Click on the compatibility tab. Check the box "Run in compatibility mode" and select "Windows 95 layer". Playing when logged in as Administrator can also help.
Solution provided by: WillowIX and Xignal

6.6) No links in start menu after installing
Problem: Wizards & Warriors is not compatible with Windows 2000/XP
Solution: Youīll have to add your short cuts manually. The .exe file you want is called "deep6.exe". Link to that when creating your shortcut.
Solution provided by: Xignal

6.7) Turn on compatibility mode in win2000
Problem: Canīt find the compatibility tab in Windows
Solution: Do a search on Windows 2000 because you will need to run the program in Windows 95 compatibility mode which is not turned on by default - here is the command you need to run: regsvr32 C:\winnt\apppatch\slayerui.dll. This allows Win95/98 compatibility and will allow you to modify your shortcut properties to use the compatibility.
Solution provided by: MitchR

6.8) Problems running W&W in Windows 98 and Windows Me
Problem: The Video Compression Codecs are not set correctly.
Solution: The solution is to reset your ompression codecs in the Windows Setup. Open up Control Panel (Start ->Settings ->Control Panel), click on the "Add or Remove Programs" icon, and then click on the Windows Setup tab. Scroll down the list until you find "Multimedia", then click on it and then click the "Details" button. Make sure "Video Compression" is checked. Then click the OK button. You will need to restart your computer to have your settings updated. Another workaround: if your swap file is too small, setting it to a larger size will help.
Solution provided by: Sazerac

6.9) How to change swap file size
Problem: The swap file is too small (300Mb recommended)
Solution Windows 95/98/ME: Right-click on "My
Computer" and choose Properties from the menu. When the dialog box appears, click on the Properties Tab. Now click the "Virtual Memory" button. Click the radio button next to "Let me specify my own virtual memory settings". In the minimum box, type 300 (or a higher number, depending on your system). Click OK,
then OK again. Let Windows restart your computer.
Solution Windows 2000/XP: Right click "My Computer" and chooose properties from the menu. When the dialog box appears, click on the Adavanced tab. Click the Performance button. Look at the amount of memory in the Virtual memory box. If the amount is below 300Mb click change. Set the original to 300Mb and the maximum to 300+Mb. Click OK, then OK and finally OK again. Let Windows restart your computer.
Solution provided by: Sazerac and WillowIX

6.10) Tip for the Windows swap file
Problem: The game runs slow.
Solution: On the windows swap file issue, I have seen dramatic results by setting a fixed size swap file instead of letting windows dynamicly resize things on the fly. Usually its a trade off..if you have lots of disk space its worth the time to fix the size at 2 or 3 times your memory. Set the swap files min and max to the same number. Depending on the amount of memory you have. I have 256MB memory and have the swap file set at 768meg min and max. What this does is it frees the OS from constantly reshuffeling the swapfile size, this frees up a lot of cpu time and IO access time. So multiply your memory by 2 or 3 and set the min and max to that number. It really does help.
Solution provided by: MagiK

6.11) Mouse moves erratically.
Problem: Some mice can move with too high a rate or frequency.
Solution: Go to the Mouse Setup in Control Panel and set the rate down to 80. Exact location for specifying the rate may vary by mouse.
Solution provided by: Murmandamus

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