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4) Pregame Issues

4.1) Cannot enter buildings in town

Solution: See answer 6.1.

4.2) DirectX 8 issues

Problem: W&W is not compatible with directX8. This can cause several malfunctions in the game

Solution: First try and update your graphics drivers with a driver that is compatible with DirectX8. If that doesn´t work try updating your version of DirectX to 8.1. If you´re still not able to play the game you need to bust your version of DirectX down to version 7. You can´t uninstall DirectX8 like any program. Instead you need to download DirectX Buster and bust your version down to 7 (game recommendation). The most stable build of the product is DirectX Buster 1.33 build 103. You'll first need to download a copy of DirectX 7 (or whatever version you wish to return to). You can do this here. When you've downloaded the package, then run DirectX Buster and remove DirectX 8 from your system. Reboot, then reinstall DirectX 7. You're ready to go!

Solution provided by: Sazerac

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