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And how about editing STATS and other stuffes -

Well, I'll tell you - you are far better off going and grabbing the editor from Xignal's site than trying it on your own now that you are messing around with a hex editor.

I personally never bothered to figure out where the skills were stored, so I couldn't help you with that anyways BUT I did figure out where the stats were stored........ That isn't hard to figure out but the tricky bit is your character information and inventory is stored in THREE separate areas within the save file (yuk). While editing the last entry is good enough to get you an item, it isn't good enough to change your stats. You have to make any changes to all three areas and they all have to be exactly the same! If you're really curious about this, the locations are: roughly right in the middle of the save file and two at the very end of the save file. Strange but true!

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