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I'll try to get to the REAL instructions later today - time permitting - but until then I thought I would tell you a bit more about what you're looking at when you use your Hex Editor to open a save file.

Scroll on down to the bottom of the file again and find one of your characters and any of the items in their inventory.

The code for a particular item does not start with the name. Put your cursor on the first letter in the name of the item and see where the "shadow cursor" is over in the hexcode. Continue to look to the left of that place.

Now if you happened to be looking at the code for the Tome of Fire what you would see to the left of where you cursor is placed is:

0B 01 00 00 04 00 00 00 00 00 (and then the hex for Tome of Fire)followed by a whole bunch of 00 00s until you get to the next item.

those are all zeros in case you weren't sure.

the "0B" is the icon code, the graphic code. the "04" has to do with how much space it occupies in the inventory. I'm not positive about the "01". I don't think it is quantity since you can only have one of these per game.

Get used to the code format where I will be listing hexcode then the name of the item (which is in the righthand column, not the hex side) and then hexcode. I found it so much easier to just write the name of the item since you can edit in both columns (hex or text) than to write out the hexcode for "Tome of Fire" or whatever.

METHOD OF EDITING - I use a simple replace one item with another, overwriting the code of some unimportant item with the wanted item.
This is safer than trying to figure out where to stick in a new item.


That's enough information right there to get you in heaps of trouble! More later!

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