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Hey Wyv,
If you were to give us a little bit of your magical powers, I bet we could all run through the Gael Seran with stuff that are only in our dreams.

But....I could come out of retirement, and advance to who knows what level. Or....

How about some very powerful adversaries? Say with 25k hit points, attack 5/2, dealing out 250-300 points of damage per attk, immune to magic, steel, and arrow. Hmm, doing the kung-fu tango with a 3 headed T-Rex sounds very enticing.

I have probably found all that is, ever will be, and ever was in this very addicting game. Termed computer crack, Me tinks.

I'd wager some of the next post would probably start with, WYV; I NEEEEDDD HEEELLLLPPP.

Me tinks this should be left to the tinkers, and leave the boogres to brawl.

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