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Here is the table for all the Role Ascensions, their quest requirements, and where you go to fulfill them.

RoleQuestTo Complete:
Kill 20 opponents single-handedlyReturn to Warrior's Guild in any city
Obtain the Scroll of Trickery from Kreug's Study above the library in the Serpent TempleReturn to Thieves' Guild (Ishad N'ha and Brimloch Roon)
Wander 2 game days (48 game hours) with nothing equippedReturn to Bushi Dojo Guild
Lower the main drawbridge to Shurugeon CastleReturn to Bushi Dojo Guild
Retrieve the Baton of the Spirit of the Samurai, found in the graveyard just east of Shurugeon CastleReturn to Bushi Dojo Guild
Obtain an egg of a raptor (one can be found on the east side of the snake river, just southwest of Toad Village, or on the islands west of Brimloch Roon)Return to Warrior's Guild
Pray at the Altar of Serran (either west of the Gypsy House near Nymph Lake or in the extreme southwest corner of the Lost Sea region west of Brimloch Roon), say "Sanctus Holy"Return to the Temple Guild
Retrieve a spider's egg and a skeleton's skullReturn to EITHER the Wizard's Guild or the Temple Guild
Talk to Scanthril (northwest of Ishad N'ha near the burned house) about a "job". Accept the job to kill Raskalion. Find Raskalion in the Stout Mines and kill him. Return to Scanthril and get Assassin's DaggerTake Assassin's Dagger to Thieves' Guild
Find the heart of the Lich G'Ezzered Ra in the pyramid of Cet and burn it in the Urn of the Black Fire. ONLY FEMALE CHARACTERS CAN DO THIS!Return to the Temple Guild of Brimloch Roon.
Find the four Tomes of Creation. The Tome of Fire is in the Serpent Temple, west of the Naga Chamber behind a locked gate. The Tome of Wind is in the Boogre Caves, in S'Keser Da's room. The Tome of Water is in a chest on the pathway to the Library of Collasium. The Tome of Earth is in a hidden room in Cet's Pyramid that can be opened by flipping a jackal-head switch at the end of a hall with bloodstains that delivers crush damage. The tome is inside that chest.Take all four tomes to the Brimloch Roon Bushi Dojo Guild.

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