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Here's a quick shortcut to NPC discussions:
CREDIT TO Ryanamur and Sazerac

1- Gorthius: H'Thark
2- Kerielle: Algamesh (or just give her the neckless)
3- Haraspia: Orb of Clarity (or just give her the serpent wand)
4- Ekbu: Ukabu
5- Kol (by serpent temple): Key
6- Shinwiki: Ukabu
7- Scabban: Cure (then blast him)
8- Arbiden: Locations
9- Stout King: Dragon Ore, Deal (you can also kill him and get his hammer if you're lucky... it's a nice one)
10- Kol (in mountain): Mavin
11- Dragon: Elsaramavin
12 - Oracles of Ishad N'ha: "Destiny"
13 - Sarellia: "Oracle"
14 - G'Ezzered Ra: "Staff"
15 - Anephas: "Mavin" (to get the secret on what to do with it in Cet's pyramid)

CREDIT TO Ryanamur and Sazerac

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