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The Scorpion Pit Trick

Again, it helps having "Create Portal" and "Teleport" (6th level Moon Magic) in your spellbook before doing this one. Did I mention to get your Moon magic up ASAP? Of course I did!

Anyway, find the sandy room with the big pit hole in the middle of it in Anephas' shrine. (Careful not to fall inna pit beforehand, or it messes everything up.) SAVE YOUR GAME. (Just in case the Teleport thing doesn't's iffy in the Shrine).

Cast a "Create Portal" just outside the Pit, but far enough away for it to work. One of the hallways leading up to the pit room is a Good Bet. You may want to run a "test" to make sure you can 'port to that spot by walking a distance away and casting "Teleport". If it fails, find another spot and try casting a new portal.

When you finally have a working portal, NOW drop into the pit. Press any button EXCEPT the one on the South Wall (the one that raises you up and closes off the pit forever). Fill the pit up with gold scorpions. You can get up to 20 in there at at time.

Teleport out. Now run back to the edge of the pit. You'll see all the scorpions in the pit. (If you're REALLY lucky, you'll see yourselves still teleporting out of the pit, too! Quite Einsteinian).

Firebomb the heck out of the bugs. Firestorm works very nicely here, and you get to see the effect from top-down. Burning haze will get them as well, but it will take longer. Generally, each bug yields about 710 XP for a 6-character party, times 20, will give each character about 14,200+ XP per casting.

When they're all dead, jump back in pit and repeat. If you run out of mana, walk around and adventure some more in the Shrine, then go back and repeat the trick. You can really level up your characters this way!

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