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Completing the "Living Seed" quest from the Brimloch Roon Wizard's Guild

Due to faulty design, the Living Seed quest was given BEFORE the Open the Shrine quest, making the last quest undoable (you have to open the shrine before you can get the living seeds, unless you want to steal one from Oakenmir (which is VERY difficult and can get him hopping mad!)

Here's how to get both quests. NOTE: You'll need Call of Home (7th level Moon spell) to do this, so don't attempt it without it, or you'll be stuck forever!

When you get the Living Seed quest, go out to the Brimloch Roon pier. Climb the wall there (have your characters jump to the top), and then go south. Get on top the trees by jumping, then jump/walk all along the southern border. Use the map to guide you.

You have to go past Talrik's Cove (the place where you meet the pirate. Keep going until you start seeing sea water on the map again. That's the Lost Sea. Now angle downward and drop to the ground. You'll be in the Lost Sea area.

Travel west as far as you can and enter the Isle of Sands (long, curving path). You'll encounter the Hydra there as well, so you probably want to get Duke Brinsly's 2nd quest (Town Hall in Brimloch Roon) to kill the Hydra first so you can get credit for it, too.

After killing the Hydra, enter the Isle of Sands. Turn spawn rate to "frequent" on your computer. Eventually, some "Bark Horrors" (evil Oakenmirs) will spawn. Kill them (fire works great here) and they'll drop the seeds. For a 6 character party, you'll need to kill 2 groups of 3 to get the seeds. Gather them up (1 per person).

Now cast Call of Home. Go back to the Wizard's Guild in Brimloch Roon and get credit for the quest. You can now get the assignment for the "Unlock the Shrine" quest.

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