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HINT: In the Dragonspire, there's NO NEED to swim upstream!!

Once you get to the river, float down the current to where there's a ledge on the right side. Pull yourself up to the ledge, and continue down. (This is the pathway where you eventually meet Kol the Heretic). After you talk with Kol, go right and get the Bridge Crank from a chest at the end of that set of crevasses (where the spiders are with the charred corpse). Turn around and go back to where you met Kol. On the way to the place where you find the two boulders blocking, you'll cross a bridge that passes through the waterfall. Look east (I think) off the bridge and down. You'll see a smaller opening just beneath you. If you jump just right, you'll be on the ledge going to meet Hephaestus! If you don't...well, you'll be on the correct side of the waterfall. Climb up the ladders, use the Bridge Crank on the bridge, and you'll be on your way to meet Hephaestus.

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