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Here is a little trick if you want all your characters to have the Evil Eye.

When you invoke the Eye, one character receives the Evil Eye trait. After that, the invoke icon disappears. However, if you use the Eye to open the door to the Idol of Aku, then close the door by taking out the Eye, the invoke icon shows up again. Have a different character invoke it, then repeat. Everyone can have the Evil Eye.

This type of thing works on other invokable objects as well, though sometimes you have to sell them and buy them back to invoke them a second time. For example, Neptune's Ring (found in Colasium) gives a character the Iron Lung Trait. But if you sell it in Town and buy it back, it can be invoked by another character. This will give all your characters Iron Lung. (Too bad you only get the ring after you complete Colasium and don't need the Iron Lung Trait anymore.) This works on Kerah's Sword too, so if you are restarting you can use this trick to give all your characters the Guardian Angel Trait.

One place where this is useful is on the Marin Rings. When invoked by a wizard or warlock, they increase intelligence. If your characters are not already at 24 intelligence, you can use this trick of buying back the ring to bring them up to max.


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