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To become a Valkyrie (female character only)

In Cet's Pyramid: go all the way as far back as you can (past the Urn of the Black Flame). Talk with G'Ezzered Ra there as well; he'll tell you what you must do. When you come to a room with four exits on either side and a brazier in the middle, go through the left doorway. You'll be in a large area with dark red brick walls. After dispatching the Pit Fiends there, go up the long sloping ramp just south and east of the entrance. At the top of the ramp, turn left. There's a doorway on the left. Enter it and fight the named demon there (I forget his name, but he's one of the Demon Champions that G'Ezzered Ra speaks of). Defeat him and get the key he drops. (You'll need it later). Walk forward and jump down the pit in front of you. Follow the tunnel to where it exits in an overlook. Jump to the other side of the overlook (a small ledge and take the elevator there up to another elevator. This elevator leads all the way up to a very high platform, all the way up at the very top of the pyramid. On this platform, you'll find a sacrificial tray with the beating heart impaled on a stick in the middle of it (yuck!). Have the female character grab the heart (make sure she has room in her inventory to do it; also save before doing it as sometimes the heart falls down and you can't find it again).

I've never been able to make the elevator let me off going down again, so generally I just have my characters take a header off the platform down to the level below. They should be pretty close to the door they entered to fight the demon. Go back down the ramp, back to the room with the Brazier, and retrace your steps back to the Black Fire urn.

Have the FEMALE CHARACTER "Use" the heart in the Black Fire. G'Ezzered Ra will gasp in relief and then finally die. Return to the Brimloch Roon Temple and the character will be made a Valkyrie.

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