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If you want to be a Zenmaster, make sure to collect all 4 Tomes of Creation. They can be found at:

1) Tome of Fire: Just west of the Naga's chambers, in a small gated room off the Hallway Maze in the Serpent Temple. You'll need the Serpent Master's Skull Key to get in. Remember to get it first before you meet Elyssia!

2) Tome of Wind: You'll find it in a chest in the Boogre Hag's room.

3) Tome of Water: When talking to the mermaid in Collasium, ask her about the "Oracle". She will open a grated passage that leads to the library. After going down this passage, the first chest you come to (before the library) contains the Tome of Water.

4) Tome of Earth: In Cet's pyramid, leave the room with the "Unspeakable Holiness" fountain by the south exit (the one that leads to the collapsing floor). When you get to a octagonal shaped room with large pharaoh statues, turn right and go down the sloping corridor. You'll come to a room with a pit in the middle. Carefully walk just on the edge of the pit (the areas to the left and right are fake floors that will crash your party downward.) Continue south to a T-intersection. Go right, go all the way through the next room, and go left. You'll be in a blood-stained hallway (according to the narrator). Run all the way to the end of this hallway to avoid getting crushed, and flip the Jackal-head switch at the end. This turns off the crush traps. Go back down the hallway to find a new room opened near the beginning of it with a blue Demon Lord in it. There's also a chest in that room. The Tome of Earth is in that chest.

When you have all 4 Tomes, take them to the Bushi Dojo in Brimloch Roon and you'll become a Zenmaster.

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