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Originally posted by ZFR:
so is it possible to download/install each fix separately like it was for baldurdash.
No. We patch files so it's not as simple as dropping files in the override a la Baldurdash. Also given the sheer number of changes (we corrected ~1500 broken triggers/actions in dialogues and scripts, for example) the maintenance of such an archive would be fairly horrific.

This is one of the reasons why we weighted the bug determination so heavily. On the upside, the Game Text Update and OBC are separate components and can be chosen separately.

Originally posted by ZFR:
btw, is the famous potion swapping exploit to cast from scrolls (particualrly find familiar) fixed? Or is it hard coded too? couldn't find it in forums.
Hardcoded. This and the 'fake talk' exploit are two hardcoded issues that I really, really wish we could fix. Also, thanks for the new bug reports over at G3. [img]smile.gif[/img]

Since I missed 6oS's post last time...

Originally posted by SixOfSpades:
Consider a change that breaks Firetooth into 2 items, with the user able to switch back & forth between them, a la the "2-Handed Katanas and Bastard Swords" tweak. The Thrown version of Firetooth would be unusable by Kensai and Cavaliers, just like Darts are. Would you call this a tweak or a bugfix?
Tweak, but certainly a change we could consider for the existing OBC component.

Originally posted by SixOfSpades:
(Damn. Just looked them up, and saw that all Throwing Daggers are usable by Cavaliers and Kensai, even though Darts are not. Anybody want to explain this?)
Heh. Can't remember the exact Cavalier and Kensai kit descripts, but this sounds like a bug.
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