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Just like how it was done previously, I would prefer if people kept 'fix' and 'tweak' seperate.

Changing items wholesale is tweaking. Correcting item descriptions is fixing.

We could argue until the cows come home on whether the Firetooth dagger should be nerfed, but that should be under a seperate mod for game balance. It will not fall under the realm of bugfixing.

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One thing I am never quite sure on whether it is a bug, is the issue of STR damage bonuses applying to Slings. Why create an item that specifically states it adds STR damage bonuses when practically every other sling already does?

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Is there any way to fix the Bag of Holding bug that enables you to recharge items placed in it?

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Remove the Level-Drain immunity from the Berserker's Rage. It is not stated in its' description. I believe this was an oversight by the makers.
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