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Well, I have to say that I'm having a really good time with this. I like the new cover system, and the Nomad makes the Mako look like the brick it was. I have to learn to drive it, but at least now it's operator errors instead of "Gah"... Squad AI is much improved, and you're less likely to be crowded into a corner because they have to be right on your six.

Profiles instead of actual classes are going to lead to a lot of versatility in the field, and that's a good thing, because combat is fast paced, and engaging. The mix of powers you can bring makes for lots of cool explosions. The story seems to be pretty good too, but I'm not really far enough in yet to really judge. That's about all I can say w/out getting too spoilery, but if someone were to ask "Should I pick it up", I'd say yes.
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