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Originally Posted by Luvian View Post
I wish I could! I have a rand new Skyle PC with DDR4 and all the fancy stuff, but still stuck with my 8 years old video card. It,s crazy how expensive video cards can be.

How about you? Did you try it? I haven't watched any trailers yet so I can go in blind one day. Without spoiling, how is the game?
T-minus 3 hours and 15 minutes as I type this until I can play it, but I can't wait. I was really slow to get on the bandwagon for the original trilogy because it looked more like a "space shooter" than an RPG. Having played all three, I can't wait. From the release material, that's relatively spoiler free, it looks to be amazing. On the more spoilery side, I've seen some rather hilarious clips that I won't go into. I've been napping most of the day though, so I can give it a go. More spoiler free impressions tomorrow.
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