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Embarressed Chromatic Orb and Dragons


-Dundee Slaytern, a poster and mod I had and have great respect for, once made an aside about the peculiar effect of the 1st level mage spell Chromatic Orb on Dragons. I was skeptical at the time, as I have always found Firkraag the toughest thing in BG2 other than Kangaxx, but this time through, first time in over ten years, I decided to try it out. I was getting ready to take on "Big Red" and I decided to reform "The Girls" (my three mages: Imoen, Nalia, and Neera) Spell Sequencers with Chromatic Orb instead of Magic Missile as I always had before. Did it work? My heavenly days! We knocked him out in three rounds. Scalp goes to Neera. Dundee Slaytern, I apologize for ever doubting you!
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