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Default Tried to get it started again...

Got two old laptops, both running XP with 512Mb RAM...

On the second I installed the game and it runs pretty good- the black inventory/menu screens I sort of fixed by changing the in-game graphics setting, so now it flickers instead of going completely black. A bit annoying but at least playable. It crashes occasionally in big fights even having freed up memory so I may need to up it to 1GB.

The first (IBM Thinkpad R40e) I'm having a bit of trouble with, however. The install went fine, I started the game, the opening movie played. Sweet. After the movie I got a prompt about SOMETHING (possibly directX? DirectDraw?), but in my haste to play I hit "don't show this message again" and cancel. The game crashes. And now it crashes every time the movie finishes, but without said prompt.

I have been a fool! Any tips? Ideally I'd like to get that message box back (and read it this time!)

Thanks (and hello!)
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