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Default Re: Oh, Aerie, I've missed you, too...

Picked up my copies on sale as a graduation present for myself...with a degree in pocket, i can venture Faerun for a while again

Playing a gnome cleric/thief, currently in Siege of Dragonspear. I got the most relevant mods to work on BGee, and SoD is pretty solid additional content. Nothing on the scale of the originals..reminds me a bit of IWD plot in terms of how interesting/epic it is. To be fair I havent finished yet.

On my iPad (apparently ive splurged and forgotten that ive bought these too) im running a fighter/mage/thief. Im debating on doing a solo run, or if I should do duo run with either Imoen mage/thief dual, or branwen cleric/mage dual. Choices choices

P.S. first post in forever, hi ya'll
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