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Default Re: Does the Dale draw you in again? [IWD/HoW]

Originally Posted by Aerich View Post
Because it draws me in. After a loooong hiatus filled with interesting life events, I am ready to plan another party and adventure again. I have two fundamental issues to decide:

1) Do I play Heart of Fury mode from the beginning or ease into it by playing on a different difficulty level? and

2) Party Style - do I include single classes(pally and bard) or do I leap right in with a caster-heavy party similar to my last long-ago HoF run (F/Ill, R/C, F/D, F/D, F/M/T, and M/C)?

Your thoughts are appreciated
I know this is a bit old, but here is some advice:

1) How long ago was your last game? You've played HoF game before, so you should know what to expect

2) Unless you're looking for a challenge, Pally is a no-no for HoF. Bard is useful for his WCoS.
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